Patrick Stewart Hints at a Return to the 'X-Men' Franchise

Patrick Stewart Hints at a Return to the 'X-Men' Franchise

Sep 27, 2012

Patrick Stewart as Professor XCould Patrick Stewart be ready to reprise his role as Professor Charles Xavier in a new X-Men movie? According to the man himself, the answer is almost yes.

Stewart dropped the bomb at the end of the Montreal Comic-Con. When asked directly by a fan at a Q&A panel if he’d ever be back as Professor X, Stewart replied “I think there is every possibility.”

The actor didn’t elaborate on how this might come to pass, but there are at least two viable options. The first would involve Fox making a new X-Men movie. This has been rumored ever since 2006’s The Last Stand opened, but that film was a bit of a disappointment to fans and nothing has ever solidified in terms of a sequel. In the meantime, we’ve now seen a younger group of X-Men and a sort of shift in direction for the franchise with the release of X-Men: First Class.

That film provides the other option for Stewart’s return. The sequel to First Class will tackle the Days of Future Past story arc, which sees the younger group of X-Men working alongside their older future selves. Stewart's return seems more likely to take this path at the moment, and would theoretically provide the actor and the original X-Men stars an opportunity to reprise their roles in something closer to cameos than full-on starring parts.

Of course, if that goes well it’s entirely possible that we could see Fox move forward for a fourth X-Men film based around the modern-day team. It’s far too early to start speculating there, but if Stewart is talking about the possibility of his return to the franchise, then there are clearly things afoot.

We’ll be following this story as it develops. Until then, let us know what you think about the original X-Men returning to the screen. Are you ready for a new feature or would seeing them turn up in a First Class sequel be the better way to go?

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