'X-Force' Creator Confirms Fox Is Working on a Movie of the 'X-Men' Spin-off

'X-Force' Creator Confirms Fox Is Working on a Movie of the 'X-Men' Spin-off

Jul 12, 2013

Update: That didn't take long. THR is reporting that Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow is writting the X-Force script for X-Men producer Lauren Shuller Donner.


Not long after becoming 20th Century Fox' go-to guy for managing its superhero movie slate, Mark Millar hinted that it was a bit of a no-brainer to make an X-Force movie, pointing out that in the '90s the comic was the second most popular in the world, behind its parent series X-Men, so the fan base for it is already huge. That was all we'd heard about the film, though, until it was recently discovered that Fox had registered X-ForceMovie.com. Hardly a guarantee that a movie is getting made, but it's certainly a first step.

Today, however, X-Force creator Robert Liefeld took things a few steps further, confirming on Twitter that Fox was indeed working on an X-Force movie. And not only that, but they studio has been working on it since at least March, when he was first informed of it. We don't know what stage they're at yet (neither does Liefeld). The studio could just be soliciting pitches from writers, or it could have a full script in search of a director. Either way, signs point to this being one of the studio's next superhero franchises.

For those unfamiliar with the X-Force comics, our Marvel expert John Gholson sums it up succintly: "Its core concept is as a more military strike force than the X-Men, led by Cable, a grizzled expert strategist from the future, who also happened to be the grown son of Cyclops and Jean Grey." Obviously it shares a few characters with the X-Men universe in the comics, and the film could share not only characters, but actors from other X-Men movies.

Bryan Singer's currently filming X-Men: Days of Future Past has Booboo Stewart as Warpath and Daniel Cudmore as Colossus, two members from various stages of the X-Force comics who could easily be spun off from the core X-Men film universe. That doesn't guarantee that either will cross over to this still unofficially announced film, but they're more likely than, say, Wolverine or Storm, who have also been involved in the X-Force in the past.

But what say you, comics fans? Are you itching for X-Force to become a big-screen franchise? If so, who would you like to see in it?

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