WTF, Hollywood!? Presents: The Five Most Annoying Celebrities of 2010!

WTF, Hollywood!? Presents: The Five Most Annoying Celebrities of 2010!

Dec 29, 2010

Now that we've come to the end of another year, we felt it was best to rid ourselves of whatever leftover negativity was still lodged in our brains from these past 12 months. There are many lists we could write and you could read, but when it comes right down to it none of those lists would be as groundbreaking and monumental as the one we're about to unleash.

Welcome friends (and enemies) to WTF, Hollywood!? Presents: The Five Most Annoying Celebrities of 2010.

5. Justin Bieber -- This just-out-of-puberty singer-songwriter didn't get in any real trouble this year (wait till he hits his early twenties and starts partying like a real rock star), but he still makes our list because we're sick and tired of watching people obsess over this pint-sized lady magnet. Geez, if all I had to do to get the ladies was get a bowl haircut, play guitar on YouTube and sing the word "baby" over and over, there'd be a harem of beauties at my beck and call 24-7.

4. Miley Cyrus -- Miley hit 18 this year, and for her birthday she decided to turn herself into a slut who videotapes herself taking bong hits. Her Hanna Montana shtick was cute, but now the girl acts and dresses like she belongs in an R-rated Hanna Barbara cartoon. No skank you.

3. Charlie Sheen -- There's nothing more annoying than watching the most high-priced actor on television make an absolute fool out of himself on multiple occasions, and then be punished by making more money per episode. Sheen embarrassed himself plenty of times this year, but upped the ante when a drug-fueled binge at a hotel in New York left him in police custody while a naked hooker remained locked in a closet. And it all happened as he was vacationing with his ex-wife and two young kids. Yeah, way to be a role model. I'd like to watch three and a half men punch some sense into this one.

2. Lindsay Lohan -- Oh Lindsay, will you ever become normal enough to survive one week without doing something completely idiotic? Between the failed drug tests, jail time, multiple rehab visits and lost film roles, La Lohan had a banner year in 2010. How will she top it all in 2011? Eh, does it really matter at this point?

1.Mel Gibson -- Is there anything left to say about this Jew-hatin', wife-beatin', audio tape-remix' sad sack full of what used to be a decent actor? Yeah, we didn't think so either.

Now tell us: Who was YOUR most-hated celeb of the year?

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