A Very Cool Insider's Look at How They Created the 'Wreck-It Ralph' Logo

A Very Cool Insider's Look at How They Created the 'Wreck-It Ralph' Logo

Apr 11, 2013


The best movie logos stay with us forever and remind us of the first time we slunk down in our chairs as the lights dimmed. Hollywood-based designer Michael Doret helped make the magic happen for Disney's 2012 animated comedy Wreck-It Ralph. The tale of a video game villain who wants to fulfill his dream as an arcade hero recalls classic 8-bit game characters, flashy 1970s game ad art, and other nostalgic geekery.

We have Doret to thank for part of that since he designed the film's memorable logo, which took the artist several months to nail down. After composing numerous sketches, Doret settled on the above image featuring Ralph's growling noggin, complete with 8-bit blocky touches. Doret's other sketches, which we spotted via Design Taxi, show snippets of Ralph set against various fonts. They don't quite cut it, but it's funny to imagine the hulking character as a heavy metal god (at least that's what some of these resemble). Doret was also tasked with including the Disney logo into his work, which he does quite simply for the final version. Take a look at a few of Doret's ideas (there are more here), and let us know if you think he chose wisely.





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