Look: Disney Created 'Wreck-It Ralph' "Sugar Rush" Concept Designs Out of Real Candy

Look: Disney Created 'Wreck-It Ralph' "Sugar Rush" Concept Designs Out of Real Candy

Nov 05, 2012

If you watched Wreck-It Ralph over the weekend (and based on those box office numbers, we're thinking you did), then you're no doubt familiar with the world of Sugar Rush, one of the fictional video games created for the movie. The racing game features tracks and karts made entirely out of candy, and according to the Art of Wreck-It Ralph book (now available at Amazon), the idea was to create a world that felt like Mario Kart meets Gaudi. 

In order to create this candy-lovers dream, though, the folks at Disney needed to get creative. That's where folks like Brittney Lee come in. She's what they call a visual development artist, and Wreck-It Ralph is her first feature film credit. It's her job to design backgrounds and environments during production that can help inspire the story team and animators. One of the things she's great at are these elaborate 3D sculptures that she creates out of paper -- and, in the case of Wreck-It Ralph -- candy.

Here's one of the designs she created for Sugar Rush during development. The image, created entirely out of candy and paper, detail one part of the racetrack with colorful grandstands populated by popcorn, cookies and all sorts of candy. 

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This is a completed still from the film to show you what the final version looked like.

And for more, watch the fun commercial Disney cooked up to show you how they may have promoted the Sugar Rush game back in 1997 when it first hit shelves.

Finally, take some time and read more about Brittney Lee, who had been drawing Disney characters since the age of four. Needless to say, working for Disney is now her dream job. You can check out more of her creations over on her blog. [via Superpunch]

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