Wow, Hugh Jackman Looks Completely Different in 'The Wolverine'

Wow, Hugh Jackman Looks Completely Different in 'The Wolverine'

Aug 06, 2012

Perhaps drawing inspiration from all those weathered origin stories making the rounds, these first images of Hugh Jackman from the set of The Wolverine reveal quite a different look for the mutant character. The mutton chops and short haircut have been replaced by long messy hair and a massive beard, proving negative reviews of X-Men Origins: Wolverine may have set the man back a bit, transforming him into some kind of homeless assassin. 

All kidding aside, we imagine this is where we'll catch up with Logan prior to his Japanese adventure. He'll be blending in among the blue-collar workers of a small, sleepy town where everyone carries around giant logs for a living. And then... all hell will break loose! In the film, due out on July 26, 2013, we find Logan falling in love with a woman in Japan, only to learn her hand in marriage is promised to another man who comes from a family full of samurai badasses, including the popular comics character Silver Samurai. Expect these guys to work through their differences by fighting to the death. 

Hey, all we want is to watch Wolverine's nails go up against a bunch of samurai swords. If pulled off right, that, friends, will be one of the most exciting scenes to watch unfold in 2013. Mark our words! 

[image via SHH, where you'll find more]

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