Probably the Worst 'Star Wars' Tattoo You Will Ever See

Probably the Worst 'Star Wars' Tattoo You Will Ever See

Aug 01, 2012

Look, we get it: You like Star Wars so much, you feel the need to permanantly ink that franchise all over your body so that everyone knows how much you adore those crazy Force-fightin' kids from a galaxy far, far away. Some fans choose to be a little more discreet with their Star Wars love by inking a small Yoda or Slave Leia in a more private spot on their body. Others, like this dude, seem to go a different route. 

To be fair, it looks as if this guy is using a Darth Vader helmet to cover up some sort of flowery tattoo that was already on his face. Either that, or for some odd reason he thinks red, blooming flowers go well together with one of the scariest villains in movie history. Regardless of what's behind his reasoning, though, this dude probably should come up with a damn good explanation for the countless people who will ask him what the hell he was thinking from this day forward. [via Fashionably Geek]


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