Does This Movie Scene Feature the Worst Special Effects of All Time?

Does This Movie Scene Feature the Worst Special Effects of All Time?

Jun 03, 2014


Where do we even begin with the film Jaws 3D? The 1983 movie, starring Dennis Quaid as the son of Chief Brody from ye olde Amity Island and Lou Gossett Jr., is one of the worst chapters in the Jaws franchise. Oh, did we mention that Manimal (is awesome) star Simon MacCorkindale also got suckered into a role for this mess? Jaws 3D used technology as its biggest selling point and was one of several films that popped up during the 3D renaissance.

The results were less than stellar, but thankfully the movie has survived as an object of fascination — which is why website Bloody Disgusting recently examined a scene from Jaws 3D. "Does This Jaws 3D Scene Have the Worst Special Effects of All Time?" the site asked. "This isn't some home video slasher shot in the woods, this is a studio movie! With a real budget!" writer Evan Dickson continued. "It came out in the 80′s [sic] and featured a shot that would have been deemed too shoddy even in 1920. See for yourself. This video isn't slowed down or anything – that's just the choice they made in the movie."

Indeed, poor Bruce the shark looks absolutely terrible. Just awful. He growls like a lion, has a freaking tongue, and he's absurdly large (at least 35 feet long!). And yes, he's slow. This Bruce is the senior citizen of sharks. Most of the time he doesn't even move his tail, which in reality would mean that he's dead.

Jaws 3D is one of those guilty pleasures — a so-bad-it's-good oddity that sticks in your mind whether you like it or not. This scene is just one of many that proves it. Enjoy!

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