Quick! Name the WORST Movie CGI You Can Think Of!

Quick! Name the WORST Movie CGI You Can Think Of!

Jan 31, 2012

The early days of CG animation were not pretty. And we're about to make fun of them.

But let's be fair: just like it's easy to look at old phones or old computers and chuckle at their obsolescence, we should also remember that without the Atari 2600 we wouldn't have the Xbox. And if we didn't have some truly laughable CG crocodiles in that Arnold Schwarzenegger flick Eraser, then we'd never get that super-cool cave troll from Fellowship of the Ring.

In the sort of spirit, tonight the Alamo Ritz Drafthouse will present a compilation called "Computer Error: The Worst CGI in Movie History."   The Drafthouse curators have somehow wedged moments from about 250 films into a 90-minute frame, at that got me to thinking ... really, what IS the worst CGI work I can think of?

I said mine already: those Eraser crocodiles are virtually transparent!

So now we open the floor to you, the readers: throw your guesses into the comments section below, and whoever ends up with the biggest percentage right wins ... some twitter accolades! Yup. We'll announce your twitter handle as the lord or lady of bad CGI knowledge. So get cracking.

(Please do RT this piece around for maximum fun.)

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