Here's What the World's Largest 'Star Wars' Collection Looks Like

Here's What the World's Largest 'Star Wars' Collection Looks Like

Feb 21, 2013

When he wasn't acting as the director of content management and head of Fan Relations at Lucasfilm, Steve Sansweet remained busy amassing the world's largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia and housing it all in a nonprofit museum located in Northern California that was once a chicken ranch, but is now known as Rancho Obi-Wan. Inside this ranch are over 300,000 Star Wars collectibles, and in the video below you can watch Sansweet give the folks from Tested a tour of the museum, including lots of nerdy Star Wars stories (like the one about that banner pictured above).

Recently Sansweet stepped down from his post at Lucasfilm, noting, "Nearly 15 years ago I left my post as Los Angeles bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal to follow my bliss and take a 'one-year job' as Lucasfilm's Star Wars ambassador. Now it's time for another change and new challenges, while still maintaining an active role in the Star Wars fan community." Part of that next chapter may include running this museum, which does give tours of its collection. You can find out more about that over at its official website.

What's the coolest piece of Star Wars memorabilia that you own?


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