Real SWAT Team Pays 'World War Z' Production a Surprise Visit

Real SWAT Team Pays 'World War Z' Production a Surprise Visit

Oct 10, 2011

World War ZIt's not unheard of that films get a surprise visit from the police, though usually it happens to lower key productions.  All it takes is a cop not noticing a camera crew, but catching a glimpse of an actor with a gun performing a fake robbery.  That's not exactly what happened to World War Z, however.  This story doesn't involve some beat cop who happened across a scene, this involves an entire SWAT team and a whole lot of guns [via Vulture].

The Marc Forster-directed adaptation (and we lose that word as loosely as possible) of Max Brooks' bestselling book received this special visit from the Budapest police department after it was discovered that 85 weapons intended to be used in the production weren't actually props.  The production tried to bring them into the country with the caveat that they were non-functional weapons.  Apparently that wasn't the case.  And, as it turns out, Hungary's Anti-Terrorism Unit doesn't appreciate it when a private plane arrives at an airport carrying 85 automatic assault rifles.

How exactly this has impacted WWZ's production is unclear at this point, though it's doubtful it'll have a significant impact on the December 2012 release plan.  But we're guessing that whomever was responsible for getting these functional props to set is probably having a very bad case of the Mondays.

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