Looks Like 'World War Z' May Get a Sequel -- Do You Want One?

Looks Like 'World War Z' May Get a Sequel -- Do You Want One?

Jun 24, 2013

World War Z

Remember all those stories about World War Z being doomed because Brad Pitt and Marc Forster weren’t speaking, and the third act was a disaster that required extensive reshoots? Remember how we all figured this meant the film was doomed? Apparently we need to rethink all of that.

After an impressive opening weekend ($66 million domestically, the best live-action tentpole film opening since Avatar), Paramount is back to talking about making World War Z sequels. Some of you out there really love the fast-moving zombies

World War Z, which finds Brad Pitt playing a UN worker who must choose between protecting his family and finding a potential cure for a mass zombie outbreak, was originally envisioned as a trilogy. Paramount backed off those plans after delays and on-set difficulties put the project in jeopardy. Pitt believes there’s tons of material left in Max Brooks’ popular book to create more movies if the audience wants them.

Based on these figures, it appears as though they might. However, World War Z isn’t out of the woods yet – the $66 million (with another $45 million coming from overseas) still puts it fairly well off of its $190 million budget. Will this tentpole buck horror-film tradition (which sees second-week ticket sales dropping by as much as 60%) and develop box office legs? If it doesn’t, will that kill these new sequel plans as surely as a shot to the head kills a walking corpse? We’ll have to wait until next week to get a clearer picture of all that, but today it appears as though WWZ is in a pretty good position considering the adversity it was facing.

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