Wonder Woman TV Show Killed - Is There Any Hope for a Feature Film?

Wonder Woman TV Show Killed - Is There Any Hope for a Feature Film?

May 13, 2011

After all the chatter about the script, the casting, the costume and the production, NBC has decided not to go ahead and pick up the Wonder Woman TV pilot. And it's not like we were all dying to see this thing; right from the get-go it was pretty obvious the low-budgeted show was awful. Fans hated the costume, and hated the script. The images that leaked from the set made it look like someone with twenty bucks, a Wonder Woman Halloween costume and a camera was running around LA, torturing innocent onlookers with really cheesy action sequences.

Wonder Woman may have been hip back in the 1970s (when people were too high to actually criticize the stuff they put on television), but in the age of the "serious superhero movie," this Wonder Woman TV show never had a chance.

The killing of the show also doesn't bode well for the eventual movie, though they'd have a better shot at succeeding if they threw a little money at the thing and approached it from a new, fresh perspective. We know Warner Bros. is thinking about it, and with the studio eager to compete with Marvel, chances are they'll take a shot at Wonder Woman at some point down the line.

Regardless, here's hoping they let us see this Wonder Woman pilot anyway, if only to reward us for all the time we spent writing about how crappy it looked. What do you think? Do you want to see it?

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