'Drive' Director Nicolas Winding Refn Wants Christina Hendricks as 'Wonder Woman'

'Drive' Director Nicolas Winding Refn Wants Christina Hendricks as 'Wonder Woman'

Jun 20, 2011



Bronson and Valhalla Rising director, Nicolas Winding Refn, has been cozying up to Hollywood with the upcoming Drive, starring Ryan Gosling as an industry stunt performer amidst a heist gone south. At the same time, Refn has been very vocal about doing a Wonder Woman film since last year, even going so far to express, "I would say that Wonder Woman is probably something that, to me, would be not just a satisfaction, but almost a [catharsis], and I was born to make it.” Vulture caught up with the Danish director at Drive's premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival, where the subject of the superheroine was raised again, and Drive co-star Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame was mentioned as Refn's ideal lady with the lasso.

"If I ever get to do it, she's going to be it," Refn said assuredly. It seems that Hendricks would happily slip into the Amazonian boots. She confessed last year, "I’ve been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life ... I had Underoos – I had Wonder Woman Underoos.” Aside from the gawkability at the curvaceous Christina in a Wonder Woman getup, can you see the actress in the role?

With Nolan's Batman series coming to a close, Green Lantern underperforming at the box office, and geek trepidation about a Superman film, Warner Bros. may be running out of major DC players to make money with. Regardless of Wonder Woman's iconic status, she has always been amiss amongst fanboys (who usually find her boring), and she's better known for her costume than her characterization – but with a director like Refn things could get interesting. Would Hendricks cast as Princess Diana of Themyscira be the royal treatment for a new DC Comics adaptation, and can you see Refn as the guy for the job?





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