'The Wolverine' Gets a Rewrite from 'Total Recall' Writer - New Story Elements Revealed

'The Wolverine' Gets a Rewrite from 'Total Recall' Writer - New Story Elements Revealed

Sep 01, 2011

Recent word came down that Hugh Jackman's follow-up to X-Men Origins: Wolverine would have its start date pushed back to the spring of 2012 to allow for some logistical issues to be sorted out, one of which looks to have been the script. Variety reports that Mark Bomback has been brought in to rewrite Christopher McQuarrie's script for The Wolverine. And it's interesting how Variety says the word "rewrite" and not just "polish," leading us to believe they're changing some major elements of the existing script.

The film will still be set in Japan (it will shoot in Tokyo and Vancouver), and follow Wolverine, who's suffering from amnesia, as he tries to piece together information about his past while navigating the Japanese criminal underworld. They note that the entire cast will be comprised of Japanese and Japanese-American actors except for a new addition, Viper, who will play the secretary for Japan's Minister of Justice. She may also be tied to the comic character, also known as Madame Hydra. (Read more about her and her connections to Wolverine here). Recently it was also revealed that Wolverine would be fighting Silver Samurai in the film, too, though we're not sure if some of those story elements will be re-written by Bomback.

No word on release date, though summer 2013 is your best bet.


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