Watch: Wolverine Just Can't Stop Screaming

Watch: Wolverine Just Can't Stop Screaming

Jul 25, 2013

Wolverine lives a cursed life. He's hunted by men and women of great power all around the world. His mutant healing power means that he'll outlive almost all of his loved ones. And, on top of all of that, he just can't stop screaming. It's a good thing he's biologically immortal (he can technically be killed, he's just not going to die on his own), because there's no way all of this rage is good for his heart.

In fact, maybe it's not so good for Hugh Jackman's heart, either. Or his throat. How he can pull this off for five X-Men movies (and counting) and still have a golden voice for his musical work is beyond us. Someone should throw him in water and see if he floats. We're now 99% sure Hugh Jackman is a witch.*

*Yes, we know he'd technically be a warlock. Someone still needs to get to the bottom of this.


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