'The Wolverine' Breaks Tradition with New Poster; 'Captain America 2' Locks Its Villain

'The Wolverine' Breaks Tradition with New Poster; 'Captain America 2' Locks Its Villain

Oct 29, 2012

The Wolverine star Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold recently took to the Internet to host a live chat about their upcoming movie, and while they didn't really drop any bombshells on the news front, they did unveil a new poster for the film, and it is a distinct break from the traditional studio superhero poster. Give it a click to check out a bigger version.

While most blockbusters opt for just having heavily Photoshopped collages of their heroes in front of random lights or explosions, The Wolverine is going with a more artist-inspired look. This is the kind of poster you'd expect to come either directly from Mondo or as an exclusive at Comic-Con, but as one of the first major pieces of marketing for the movie? It's encouraging, to say the least. We're hardly going to fall in love with a movie just because of its poster, but it certainly helps wash away some of the aftertaste of Wolvie's last solo movie.

And in unrelated Marvel news, Frank Grillo has just been confirmed for the villain in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The actor, who is having quite the career of late thanks to The Grey, End of Watch, Gangster Squad and Zero Dark Thirty, had been rumored for the part for a while, but now it's officially his. He'll be playing Crossbones, who in the comics was one of Red Skull's henchman. It's unclear how strictly the film will be following his comic origins, though, but we're sure that'll only help fuel the fan speculation at this point.

And with that, let the speculation about either Marvel movie continue!

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