Your Favorite Movie Poster of the Week: 'WolfCop' Is "Dirty Harry... Only Hairier"

Your Favorite Movie Poster of the Week: 'WolfCop' Is "Dirty Harry... Only Hairier"

Mar 24, 2014

Sure it's only Monday, but we can't see any new movie poster besting the fantastical badassness of this work of art for the upcoming Canadian flick WolfCop.


Wait, what in the world is WolfCop

WolfCop is a low-budget Canadian flick about a police officer who's cursed and tortured, transforming him into a werwolf. Then he pretty much claws bad guys to death, but it's great because he also knows how to use a gun... because he's still a cop. A cop, mind you, who's probably about to start playing by his own wolf rules.


Can I see more of WolfCop right this second?

Sure, here's a concept trailer for the film.


Where exactly did this movie come from?

What's unique about WolfCop is it was produced through an emerging production resource in Canada called CineCoup, where filmmakers are tasked with creating a concept trailer and building an audience for their projects in order to hopefully get the additional funding required to make their movie.

It's a pretty brilliant concept born out of a lack of financing resources in Canada for independent filmmakers with budgets under $5 million. CineCoup approaches the making of a movie like it would a startup, which is why filmmakers start off by building their fan base for a particular project before it even gets to the next step. Here's a great article on CineCoup for more on how it all works.

Additionally, here's a longer video that talks more about how WolfCop came to be through the CineCoup program.


Where and when can I watch WolfCop?

As part of the deal with CineCoup, WolfCop will see a release in Canadian cinemas this June, followed (hopefully) by some kind of VOD release so the rest of us can enjoy all the werewolf-cop action too.

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