Watch Martin Scorsese Direct a Rowdy 'Wolf of Wall Street' Set

Watch Martin Scorsese Direct a Rowdy 'Wolf of Wall Street' Set

Dec 18, 2013


If your butt isn’t in a theater seat on Christmas Day to see Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, we question your commitment to sparkle motion, cinema and everything that matters. The director's adaptation of convicted stock market manipulator Jordan Belfort’s memoir is just days away from its debut, and the buildup has been immense to say the least.

Teaser trailers and clips have shown us a coked-out Leonardo DiCaprio dancing his pants off, men in suits flinging little people at targets, and other ‘90s-era madness. To whet your appetite further, we have B-roll footage, spotted on the Film Stage, that shows the maestro Scorsese at work. You get a real sense for the energy on set, and it’s pretty amazing to watch the actors snap into their characters.

Based on this footage, everything that happens inside the office is going to be insane (hello there, marching band and chimpanzee). The second part of the clip takes us outside for Leo’s wedding scene, and we get to preview some of the music that will surely make its mark — as it does with every Scorsese movie. Dig into these clips. For more Wolf of Wall Street goodies, check out two clips from the film (below), featuring Jonah Hill grilling Leo’s character about how much money he makes and Matthew McConaughey and Leo about to get rip-roaring drunk. 


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