Six Years Later the 'Wolf Creek' Sequel Becomes Official

Six Years Later the 'Wolf Creek' Sequel Becomes Official

Jul 25, 2011

John Jarratt in Wolf CreekContrary to popular belief, not every bit of movie news in the past few days emanated from the San Diego Comic-Con. In fact, one of the more surprising announcements happened halfway around the globe, all the way down under in Melbourne, Australia.

Screen Australia head Ruth Harley used the stage of the Melbourne International Film Festival to reveal a dozen new projects that will receive funding. The most recognizable amongst them was the long-discussed sequel to Aussie slasher film Wolf Creek.

Director Greg McLean’s 2005 film chronicled the tragic tale of three young adults who run afoul of a psychotic serial killer (played brilliantly by John Jarratt) in the Australian Outback. Made for the tiny sum of roughly a million dollars, Wolf Creek was a big financial success – taking in nearly $30 million in worldwide ticket sales. That kind of return on investment usually means a sequel is immediately greenlit, but for some reason it’s taken six years for McLean to get the go-ahead on the follow-up.

Details about the project are scarce (no word on what the budget will be, but it seems likely to be more than the first Wolf Creek), but the good news here is that McLean will be back in the director’s chair and John Jarratt will reprise his role as Mick Taylor. We have no clue what Mick’s been up to for the past six years (we’d guess it involves torture and murder), but McLean did give audiences another taste of his talents in the 2007 film Rogue (which also featured a performance from Jarratt). In that feature, Radha Mitchell and Michael Vartan square off against a giant killer crocodile after it capsizes a boatload of tourists in the wilds of Australia.  

No word yet on when Wolf Creek 2 might start shooting, but we’ll keep you updated as the project works its way through development. 

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