'Wolf Creek 2' Trailer: Yet Another Reason to Never, Ever Visit the Australian Outback

'Wolf Creek 2' Trailer: Yet Another Reason to Never, Ever Visit the Australian Outback

Oct 21, 2013

The Australian Board of Tourism probably really, really hates writer-director Greg Mclean. He broke into the scene in 2005 with Wolf Creek, a small-scale horror movie about a few very unlucky backpackers who come across the maniac Mick Taylor in the outback. The movie ended up making nearly $30 million across the globe, giving a new generation their first taste of horror from down under. He followed that up with Rogue, an entertaining, adventurous thriller about a few tourists who get stranded on an island after their boat is attacked by a massive crocodile.

After a few years producing, Mclean is now back to round out his "Don't Go into the Outback" trilogy with Wolf Creek 2, which once again finds some young men and women accidentally trekking through Mick Taylor's backyard. And judging by the first trailer for the film, Mclean is intent on making this one a bit bigger in size than a lot of horror sequels. Sure, hikers versus a psycho in a truck is more of the same, but there looks to be some pretty big stunt work here. Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better, and the scale might defuse a bit of the horror, but we're going to hope that balancing act is a lesson Mclean learned on Rogue.

Wolf Creek 2 will be terrifying Australians in February of 2014, but sadly the film is currently without a distributor in the United States. 




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