Wizard of Oz Line-for-Line Remake...Uh, What? UPDATE

Wizard of Oz Line-for-Line Remake...Uh, What? UPDATE

Nov 17, 2010

  • Dorothy, We're Back in Kansas Robert Zemeckis, the guy to blame for Forrest Gump and who is currently working on a 3-D motion-capture version of the Beatles Yellow Submarine (because, you know, Polar Express worked so well), is talking to Warner Bros. about a possible original-screenplay-faithful remake of The Wizard of Oz. Yes, THAT Wizard of Oz. What the hell, why bother trying to create your own spin on it like Sam Raimi and others are doing, when you could use the same script they wrote 60 years ago? UPDATE: Word on the internet must have been so bad, Zemeckis only took a day to decide against doing this.

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