Winona Ryder Says She'll Return As Lydia for 'Beetlejuice 2'

Winona Ryder Says She'll Return As Lydia for 'Beetlejuice 2'

Nov 19, 2013

If there's one actor who has to be back for a Beetlejuice sequel for us to be excited, it's Michael Keaton. He is, after all, the title character (in different spelling). And indeed he's on board. But if there must be another person from the original back for Beetlejuice 2, it should be Winona Ryder. And now she's let it out of the bag that if the movie happens, she will be back as Lydia Deetz. 

This week the actress told the Daily Beast that she's "kind of sworn to secrecy, but it sounds like it might be happening." Ryder is apparently bad at keeping secrets, even if that statement is hardly anything of substance given the "might" part. She could very well even just be saying that the movie might happen, not necessarily that her part is written. Ryder did go on, however, to say that the sequel is set 27 years later and she'd love to see what became of Lydia and she is only interested in reprising the role because Keaton and director Tim Burton are both involved (as was confirmed last month).

Ryder of course reunited with Burton for their first collaboration in more than two decades last year with Frankenweenie. In the animated feature, she voiced the character Elsa, whom she's claimed was based somewhat on Lydia. That's pretty apparent if you've seen the movie, too. Watch the clip below:

It will be fun to see Lydia and Beetlegeuse reunited, but that's probably just because I was a regular viewer of the spin-off cartoon series, which turned the "ghost with the most" into a good guy and a sort of best friend for the teen goth girl. I never quite understood the transition between film and show. Unfortunately, I can't see Burton acknowledging the 94 animated episodes he served as executive producer for since it's primarily the movie people remember so fondly. 

As for whether any other characters could or should show up, I'm going to presume neither Jeffrey Jones nor Alec Baldwin would be asked back (and sadly Glenn Shadix and Sylvia Sidney are gone), but it sure would be great to see Catherine O'Hara cast in order for us to see what becames of Lydia's mom, Delia. 


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