Will William Shatner Make a Cameo in 'Star Trek 2'?

Will William Shatner Make a Cameo in 'Star Trek 2'?

Jun 21, 2011

One of the biggest stories surrounding J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot was the inclusion of Leonard Nimoy, reprising his role as Spock from the original films, in a part that was meant to be a sort of torch-passing from the old cast to the new. William Shatner was also supposed to show up in a part at the end, but after all kinds of back-and-forth, the original Captain Kirk never made it into the movie. But that's not to say fans didn't want the original Kirk to play a cameo, and so what are the chances that Abrams finds a way to include Shatner the second time around?

Not very good, according to Shatner himself, who recently shot down any rumors of his involvement in the Star Trek sequel (due out either in the summer or winter of 2012). While speaking at the 2011 Calgary Comic Expo, Shatner was asked whether he'd have a role in the Trek sequel. His reply? "I have become an acquaintance of J.J. as of late but I'm afraid no.. no I will not be in Star Trek 2 I'm afraid."

Naturally he could be lying, but it wouldn't benefit Abrams to keep putting old cast members in his film since it should now be all about the new cast and their adventures. Nimoy's cameo in the first movie made sense -- especially since it was fitting to see the old cast pass the torch to a new one -- but it just doesn't look good to keep squeezing in original cast cameos in order to make some fans all giddy because then each sequel will have to rely on its original cast cameo as a crutch. No good. Keep them out. And if you're itching to see either Nimoy or Shatner in Star Trek, then go back and watch the original series or movies. Do you agree?

[via The Daily Blam]

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