William Friedkin to Direct the 'To Live and Die in L.A.' TV Show

William Friedkin to Direct the 'To Live and Die in L.A.' TV Show

Jun 26, 2015

Last year I did a big, hour-long sitdown interview with the one and only William Friedkin. And even though we talked about a ton of things, I got one distinct impression from him: he loves the current state of longform TV. We started the interview with him asking me if I'd watched the Fargo series yet, and he kept bringing it and made-for-TV movies like The Normal Heart up as examples of great storytelling in this day and age.

Friedkin even told us that TV show versions of at least two of his movies were in the works. The first was Killer Joe, about a Dallas detective who is a hired killer on the side, and the second was To Live and Die in L.A., about reckless Secret Service agents. At the time he told us that if he liked the pilot for the latter project, he may actually direct it.

Well, apparently he liked the script (written by Bobby Moresco) quite a bit, because Deadline is reporting that the show is moving forward and that Friedkin will indeed direct the pilot. WGN America has landed the project, which if it goes to series would join the network's increasingly impressive slate of original series started with Salem and Manhattan.

There's no casting or plot info yet, but Friedkin told us last year that it wouldn't have the same story as the movie, just the same vibe, so just expect it'll be about a pair of federal agents who get the job done no matter what.


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