Will Zack Snyder's Movie Focusing on Zombie Rape Change the Genre for the Better?

Will Zack Snyder's Movie Focusing on Zombie Rape Change the Genre for the Better?

Oct 06, 2011


While Zack Snyder's Man of Steel has been getting all the attention lately, his Escape From New York-esque zombie tale, Army of the Dead kind of fell to the wayside. Set in Las Vegas, the violent flesh-muncher tells the story of a young girl who has become trapped inside the quarantined city and is separated from her father who tries to rescue her. The film finds The Thing remake director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. behind the camera, and he's promising that Army of the Dead will be a "crazy, " … new take on the zombie genre … "
io9 recently spoke to Van Heijningen while he promotes the remake of John Carpenter's horror classic, and he revealed some more details about the upcoming project. These won't be the slow zombie crawlers that Romero made famous, according to the Dutch filmmaker. "They are fast," he told io9. Van Heijningen also revealed that things would get pretty graphic when it comes to contact between the undead and the flick's female cast. "There's an extra dimension to this zombie film, because they … they … I'm still wondering if I should tell this … the male zombies rape human females. Yes. And they have human hybrid zombie offsprings." 
Even though Army of Dead has been lurking in the shadows, Van Heijningen is reassuring that producer and co-writer Snyder (who teamed up with pal Joby Jarrold for the script) is still on board. "He's producing, so if the studio is interested it might happen." Snyder's been accused before of portraying his female players in a very negative light, confusing exploitation with empowerment and sexism with feminism — particularly in this year's Sucker Punch. Will this movie carry a similarly messy message? We watched humans rape zombies in 2008's Deadgirl. Many criticized the violent sexual acts in the film as mere cheap thrills, while others found it drove home a bigger moral lesson. How Snyder's movie approaches things remains to be seen, but his track record — and penchant for hyper masculinity on the big screen — means Army of the Dead will probably piss off plenty of moviegoers.
Will zombie rape help usher in a new era of the walking dead (and one that we really want to endure)? Or is this just gross-out nasty for the sake of being so?

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