Will Two-Part 'Breaking Dawn' Eventually Hit Theaters as One Complete Movie?

Will Two-Part 'Breaking Dawn' Eventually Hit Theaters as One Complete Movie?

Nov 15, 2012

Make no mistake: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2 is going to crush the box office this weekend. Fandango says the film represents 92% of all ticket sales on the site, with hundreds of screenings already sold out across the country. The second Breaking Dawn movie -- and final installment in the current big-screen series -- is going to break records, no doubt, and right now it's just a matter of which records it breaks. In the meantime, director Bill Condon is already working on combining both Breaking Dawn parts into one complete film, which begs the question: Oh Summit, what will you do with that movie when it's done?

Speaking to Twilight fan sites earlier this fall [via The Playlist], Condon said,  "Ultimately they are going to be one movie. And that’s going to be an interesting thing, I haven’t even actually looked at it that way yet. In fact, we’re just starting to put that together." Apparently executives in the room freaked a bit when Condon accidentally revealed he was already working on one film that combines both parts, leading us to believe they're saving this announcement for a special limited-release plan tied to the DVD/Blu-ray launch, if it's done in time.

If they don't bring the combined Breaking Dawn movie to theaters when the DVD/Blu-ray hits, then perhaps they'll save it for a special summer engagement, or piggyback off The Hunger Games: Catching Fire somehow. Either way, it wouldn't be fair to fans to cut a new movie and dump it on DVD instead of in theaters. So while this may be the last of the current crop of Twilight movies hitting the big screen this weekend, we'd expect at least one more version of Twilight to hit screens before all is said and done. 

Would you go see a special presentation of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn if both parts were combined into one film?

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