Why You Should Read Our 2013 Sundance Film Festival Coverage

Why You Should Read Our 2013 Sundance Film Festival Coverage

Jan 16, 2013

How do you get people to care about a bunch of movies they've never heard of and probably won't be seeing anytime soon? This is the question we ask ourselves every time we cover a major film festival like Sundance, because the fact is that no matter how influential and important a festival like Sundance is to the independent film landscape over the next year or more, a great majority of people don't care about movies unless they're really big or coming out this weekend. But you should care! And you should read!

Over the course of the next week and a half, a whole ton of your favorite movie sites will be covering the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, and for those of you out there who have even a tiny interest in the wide array of unique, thought-provoking movies that are about to be unleashed in the mountains of Utah, here's why you should make this site one of your daily stops for all things Sundance.

1. We Won't Drown You in Coverage

You don't have to worry about us blanketing the site in solo reviews and interviews from the festival. That sort of practice definitely has its value, especially for people looking to inject their brains with as much of the festival as they can. Here, though, we'll be serving up slices of Sundance, delivering daily dispatches that talk about the movies we're watching -- and loving -- as well as what it's actually like to be at one of the world's most influential film festivals. For those interested in reading a lot of solo reviews and interviews, might we suggest stopping by our friends at Indiewire and Film School Rejects.

2. Our 2013 Sundance Film Festival Interview Series

This year we're trying something new by offering up a unique interview series that's concentrated on four distinct corners of the film festival: The Returning Champion, The Breakout Star, The Comeback and The Debut. We've handpicked four individuals to represent each of these categories, which, together, provide a nice taste of film festival life in general, and the sort of conversations that take place there.

3. Awesome Podcasts

Sometimes the best way to devour a festival like Sundance is by doing so in small doses when you have a little time to yourself. In addition to dispatches and our interview series, this year our managing editor, Erik Davis (that's me!), will be hosting a series of small 10-minute (or so) podcasts live from Sundance with other critics, filmmakers, volunteers and basically anyone willing to talk about their festival experience and which films they're digging the most. For those who choose to experience the festival this way, you'll be able to download each podcast and listen at your leisure.

4. The Front-Row Seat Gallery

While red carpet galleries of celebrities looking hot are always a decent time waster, we'll be looking to deliver a more intimate Sundance experience via our front-row seat gallery. Basically, this is a gallery of images captured via cellphone consisting of the kind of moments that only happen at Sundance. It'll be like your standing right next to us the whole time!

So that's basically it in a nutshell. If there are any specific movies you want us to report back on, definitely throw a comment down below and we'll hook it up. In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy our Sundance coverage. Hopefully it'll be as rewarding to read as it is for us to bring it to you.

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