Why Two 'Iron Man 3' Images Prove This May Be the Best Yet

Why Two 'Iron Man 3' Images Prove This May Be the Best Yet

Mar 05, 2013

Okay, so you've already spent too much time today obsessing over the Iron Man 3 trailer and what it might mean for the next 4,700 Marvel movies coming out between now and the rest of eternity, but just how much did you pay attention to that trailer? Sure, yes, the rings, the Mandarin, the drones, the Hulk-busting armor -- all of it is probably driving you Iron Man nerds pretty crazy right now, but I'm talking about two specific images. Two ridiculously badass-to-the-bone images that may hint at this being the best Iron Man movie yet.

I'm talking about these two image ...

click to enlarge

"Get me some f**king armor right now!"

Okay so Pepper Potts probably doesn't say those exact words, but how crazy is this shot? The entire world is blowing up behind her and she's just chillin' in a bra, looking angry as all hell. Something tells us this won't be the Pepper Potts we've seen in the previous two films. This will be a Pepper Potts who's so pissed at the world, she's willing to fight the enemy in a bra. In a bra! Chances are she's not in that bra for long -- we wouldn't be surprised if, after this shot, she gets dressed in her own Iron Man suit. 

"How's this for a money shot, Mandarin?!"

Up until this point the Marvel movies have given us some truly fun and memorable big-screen moments, and for those who don't think Iron Man 3 can top anything from The Avengers... um, did you see this shot? Yeah, at one point in the film, Tony Stark is shooting lasers out of his gauntlet in one hand and in his other hand he's rockin' what looks like an UZI, proving Iron Man can multitask like a mofo. Not only that, but it's a delicious tease of what Shane Black will bring to this franchise -- a little of the familiar superhero and a little of the old-school action movies (Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout) that launched his career. 

Iron Man 3 hits theaters May 3. Watch the new trailer one more time below.


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