Why Is "The Situation" Still Relevant?

Why Is "The Situation" Still Relevant?

Mar 11, 2011

It’s funny how people from New York spend their entire lives trying to get away from people like “The Situation” who flood parts of New York and New Jersey with their cocky attitudes, nasty fake tans, multiple STDs and phony muscles. And yet, people from everywhere but New York flock to “The Situation” and his cast of idiots at the Jersey Shore for reasons I still don’t quite understand.

Why do we watch this again? What do we get out of seeing these people get drunk and bring home one fame whore after another? I suppose we get enough to make “The Situation” a millionaire, who now endorses products, has a book out (that he probably hasn’t even read front to back), and attends celebrity roasts.

Seriously, “The Situation” is now roasting people. I’ll let you process that for a minute. He was invited to “roast” Donald Trump for some odd reason (probably a scheduling snafu that involved Carrot Top dropping out at the last minute). Good news for “Situation” haters is the kid apparently bombed, to the point where people booed him off the stage for saying nasty things about some of the other roasters.

Congrats “The Situation,” you became the first person to roast someone and actually offend everyone. Let’s face it, the only thing this kid deserves to say to anyone is, “Thank you for still making me relevant.”

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