Why Is Martin Scorsese in This 'Campus Code' Trailer?

Why Is Martin Scorsese in This 'Campus Code' Trailer?

Aug 28, 2015

Campus Code

A new trailer for independent movie Campus Code sets up an intriguing premise: how did a young man (Jesse McCartney) survive getting pushed off a tall building? The young man and his friends visit a doctor, who examines the college student and concludes: "Everything checks out alright." Then the doctor turns around and … it's Martin Scorsese! Why is he showing up in a trailer for a low-budget sci-fi flick?


Nowadays, Scorsese is best known for his sprawling, big-budget, award-worthy epics, movies like The Wolf of Wall Street, Hugo, and Shutter Island. Long before that, however, Scorsese was a struggling filmmaker in New York who made movies on the cheap. He established relationships with talented people early on in his career, and his loyalty began with family members.

His mother, Catherine Scorsese, appeared in her son's first notable feature, 1967's Who's That Knocking at My Door, and showed up in another handful of movies for him, perhaps most memorably in Goodfellas.


The scene was almost entirely improvised, according to Scorsese.


His father, Charles Scorsese, appeared in eight of his son's movies. His daughter Francesca Scorsese, now just 15, has already shown up in three of his movies. His daughter Domenica Cameron-Scorsese appeared early in two of her father's efforts, and more recently has been making her own films.

Scorsese has also never been reticient about appearing on camera in his own movies. (He shows up twice in Taxi Driver, first as a Cybill Shepherd gawker, later as an angry husband.) As time passed, he started appearing in movies by other directors, sometimes making fun of his own reputation, as in Albert Brooks' The Muse.


He's even occasionally starred in television commercials.


Getting back to Campus Code, it turns out that his oldest daughter Catherine Scorsese made brief appearances in The King of Comedy (1982) and Casino (1995), but mostly she has worked behind the scenes on film and TV crews. For Campus Code, she took on production duties and also shared credit as director along with Kenneth M. Waddell. Now it becomes clear why Martin Scorsese appears in the movie. (It also explains how Ray Liotta showed up as well.)

Whatever the merits of Campus Code, it's heartwarming to consider that a famous filmmaker father is still only too happy to help his daughter out. Campus Code will be out via movie on demand outlets on September 22.

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