Why the Golden Globes Are Good for You, Too!

Why the Golden Globes Are Good for You, Too!

Jan 21, 2010

We’ve come to that time of year where the Hollywood glitterati get together to throw awards at each other and down Moet while we sit at home eating junk food and talking trash about which actress is wearing the ugliest dress. I’ve always found it both funny and depressing that Hollywood cares more about naming the “best” and “worst” than creating new, exciting, original works of visual art. After all, art was never supposed to be labeled as “better” or “worse”– but Hollywood needs a reason to show off how much more important they are than the rest of the world, and so we have television events like last Sunday’s Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.

Even though many people feel the Hollywood Foreign Press are a moronic and corrupt organization who shouldn’t be allowed to give a kid a candy bar, I like their Golden Globe awards. In fact, I like them better than the Oscars because, well …

The Foreign Press Are Out of Their Minds They gave The Hangover the best picture (comedy or musical) award, and Robert Downey Jr. the best actor (comedy or musical) award for Sherlock Holmes. That’s nuts! Not only that, but they encourage their guests to drink their faces off during the ceremony so that you’re bound to get people crying and screaming and acting like complete fools while they give acceptance speeches. It's like the crazy Bar Mitzvah of awards shows!

There’s No Awkward Stuffiness Awards ceremonies are full of stuffy elitist jerks (the kind that hire people to water their grass the day after it rains … just because), so it’s nice to get a show that keeps it laid back, fun, and, most importantly, moving along quickly (this year’s ended on time without going over).

Expect the Unexpected Each year we’ve come to expect bizarre and controversial wins, and this year was no exception. Did Avatar deserve to win Best Picture? Probably not … but who cares? These awards should mean as much to you as the kid who sat behind you in math class in sixth grade. Don’t remember him? Exactly.

Now You Know Which Movies to Watch Next Let’s face it, the only good thing about these awards shows is that they give you a handful of movies that are probably worth watching. But while the Oscars like to only honor kitchen-sink dramas or Iraqi war docs (in some cases), the Globes are good because they include a comedy/musical category, too. Why do they feel like comedy and music can be lumped into the same category? No idea – I told you, the foreign press are nuts like that. Nevertheless, with the Globes you have more options. And we like options … right?

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