Why Can't Mickey Rourke Star in Every Movie?

Why Can't Mickey Rourke Star in Every Movie?

Apr 13, 2011

The other day I wrote about Natalie Portman and that stupid Black Swan controversy. In my post, I spoke about how annoying it must be for celebrities (and for us) when they can't say what they really feel about a situation. We live in a society obsessed with being politically correct and not offending anyone's feelings, and we've become a much lamer nation of people become of it. Don't you just wish people could say what they really wanted to say -- if you could go to your boss or teacher and really give them a piece of your mind without repercussions? Would be a nice world to live in, right? We'd be less stressed, that's for sure.

But maybe we're not that far away from it. Maybe, if Hollywood bosses allow Mickey Rourke to star in more movies, we'd slowly inch closer to a Hollywood that says what it wants to say without paying some publicist to say it for them. The thing I love about Mickey Rourke is that he just doesn't give a damn. His role in The Wrestler helped revive the man's career above and beyond what he probably ever dreamed of. So now that all future roles are gravy for the aging actor, the guy seems like he's not holding anything back.

In an interview with Vulture, Rourke bashed two of his upcoming movies, 13 and Passion Play, by calling them "bad" and "terrible," respectively. Rourke said the reason we haven't seen the film 13 (which is a remake of 13 Tzameti) yet is because it's so bad they don't want to release it. He then called Passion Play -- a film in which he starred opposite Megan Fox -- "terrible," adding, "terrible. Another terrible movie. But, you know, in your career and all the movies you make, you’re going to make dozens of terrible ones."

Mickey Rourke's current Hollywood Star Meter may, in fact, be pointed toward "Actor Slowly Plummeting Back to Random Obscurity," but damn it's hard not to respect a man in his position who speaks his mind without fear of repercussions. Now if he could just find a way to make Megan Fox a better actress, we may be looking at a real-life, physical proof that Jesus Christ walks among us!

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