Why Are We So Obsessed with James Franco?

Why Are We So Obsessed with James Franco?

Feb 24, 2011

It's a serious question, no joke: Why are we so obsessed with James Franco? Is it his James Dean-esque good looks? Is it because he was in the Spider-Man movies? General Hospital? 127 Hours? Milk? Is it because of his random art shows or his determination to get a college degree from Yale while also teaching a class there and producing a play about James Franco producing a play at Yale?

James Franco reminds me of that kid in high school who did everything -- played every sport, ran for class president, hosted every fundraising event. You know you hated that kid. He (or she) was always smiling in the halls, high-fiving everyone who walked past because, naturally, they also managed to make friends with literally everyone in school too. The problem with that kid is the same issue I have with James Franco: They're overexposed. We're pigging out on so much James Franco (oh yeah, he's also hosting the Oscars this Sunday) that there's going to be a day where we're sick to death of all things James Franco. We won't want to look at him or hear about him or watch anything that has anything to do with James Franco for fear of vomiting out little pieces of nastiness that resemble James Franco.

I hate to say it, but we've overdosed on James Franco. While the guy has managed to do wonders for his career by making sure he's doing everything, everywhere, all at the same time, all that's done is make us grow tired of his awesome, super-human hipsterness. I'd offer up the suggestion that James Franco go into hiding for a little while after the Oscars in order to give us a break from his constant everywhere-ness, but if he did he'd just make a movie about it and release the thing in 167 different parts every five minutes of each day, so ... yeah. I guess we should get used to him.

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