Why Are We Obsessed with Celebrities in Rehab?

Why Are We Obsessed with Celebrities in Rehab?

Mar 30, 2011

There's a a new Vanity Fair/60 Minutes poll that's not centered on some hot-button political, military or community issue (like you'd expect from those prestigious outlets), but instead asks us how we envision Justin Bieber at age 30. Apparently now everyone has folded to the Justin Bieber peer pressure, and so all that's left for us non-Beliebers is to just ... deal.

As I was saying, there was a poll about Justin Bieber at 30, and, naturally, the number one vote-getter was rehab. Not just regular rehab, but "celebrity rehab" ... followed by married, living quietly (18%), still playing packed stadiums (13%), fat and bald (12%), talk-show host (8%) and not sure (19%).

For some reason we just love it when celebs go to rehab. We love it so much there's actually a TV show called Celebrity Rehab, in which cameras follow around D-list personalities attempting to get their lives straightened out in front of an America that just wants to see them embarrass themselves. Why? Because it makes us feel good, and dirty, and then good again, but in a dirty kind of way.

It's sad that we don't hope for the best when it comes to Justin Bieber -- that we're immediately conditioned to expect the worst from someone who brings so much joy to others. How come?

Maybe that's a question for the next useless 60 Minutes poll.

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