Why Are We Asking Justin Bieber About Abortion Rape Again?

Why Are We Asking Justin Bieber About Abortion Rape Again?

Feb 18, 2011

I know I say this all the time (and it's essentially the point of this column), but I just don't understand people at all. Not just people in Hollywood (can we call them people?), but the people who cover Hollywood and the people who read about Hollywood, and even sometimes the people whose dream it is to make it in Hollywood.

I'm sure you've heard rumblings about this Justin Bieber Rolling Stone interview this week. How the magazine asked the teenage pop star some tough questions about abortion and rape because ... why not, really. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall in the Rolling Stone brainstorming meeting prior to the Bieber interview, featuring a bunch of music junkies trying to come up with good questions to ask Justin Bieber. "Hey, let's ask him about abortion so we can twist his quotes around to make it look like he's some lunatic kid who supports rape!"

Not only did the brainiacs ask Bieber about abortion and whether a girl should keep the baby if she was raped (something tells me that's not the subject of the song "Baby"), but they also asked the young star about health care and a few other "issues" that are ridiculous things to bring up in an interview with a teenage pop star. Seriously Rolling Stone? Asking Justin Bieber about abortion is like the equivalent of giving a monkey a can of beer just to see how crazy it might look drunk.

Justin Bieber isn't campaigning for freaking president -- he's singing songs about crushes to 12-year-old girls. C'mon, the last thing we want to hear is what Bieber thinks about the economic crisis because everyone knows it's much more fun to watch the kid get shot to death on a TV show ... right?

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