Who Would You Cast As the Science Fiction 'Expendables'?

Who Would You Cast As the Science Fiction 'Expendables'?

Aug 15, 2014

Earlier this week, I asked for casting ideas for a comedy equivalent of the Expendables franchise. Now let's try another genre. If there's any kind of movie that exploded in the '80s and '90s as significantly as action flicks, it's science fiction. Sure, there's some overlap with a number of titles, including a few titles each led by Expendables stars Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren and newcomer Harrison Ford. 

But not all sci-fi movies have action, and also there are a good amount of subgenres to look at within the sci-fi group. There are outer space movies, alien-visitor movies, alien-invasion movies, time-travel movies and future-set movies to choose from. And there are definitely actors and actresses who are best known for this branch of cinema.

The difficulty, or maybe it's the redundancy, is that sci-fi movies are already often ensemble based, unlike the '80s and '90s action movies, which centered around a single hero. That's why an action-movie all-stars concept makes more sense.

Nevertheless, I've selected my casting choices for a proposed sci-fi equivalent of the Expendables series below with specific parallels to the main players appearing through The Expendables 3. Let's call them the Unbelievables.

William Shatner - In the Stallone role, because he's the type that can't let go of the past.

Kurt Russell - The Schwarzenegger part. He wouldn't do The Expendables, but maybe he's softer on his sci-fi memories. At least for an initial cameo.

Harrison Ford - He's his own parallel. If anybody's going to show up in both action and sci-fi Expendables movies, it's got to be him.

Jeff Goldblum - Strange in a different way than Mel Gibson, he'd make a terrific villain. 

Peter Weller - In the Lundgren part, because he was a pretty big deal in the '80s before falling into obscurity for awhile.

Joe Morton - Coming in for the Wesley Snipes slot, not because he's black but because he deserves recognition for his notable sci-fi roles.

Michael J. Fox - He can be the Bruce Willis character and get paid a bunch to do very little.

Jeremy Davies - Like Jason Statham, he's come up through the 2000s, maybe not as famously, but if we count Lost, he's one of the most notable sci-fi guys of last decade.

Tom Cruise - Because there has to be a short actor to take the place of Jet Li, even if he's too famous for it. Just pretend he's not too famous.

Rutger Hauer - For one of the villains, a la Jean-Claude Van Damme, he's the foreigner who isn't as big a deal as he was in the '80s.

Shane Carruth - Because like Randy Couture, his expertise in his genre is a whole other thing from the movie stars in the bunch.

Tommy 'Tiny' Lister - He's a big guy and a former athlete and often quite funny in comedies, just like Terry Crews.

Scott Bakula - There has to be a notable sci-fi TV star to take the Kelsey Grammer role. I guess it could be David Duchovny.

Sam Worthington - Like Kellan Lutz, he's the new blood, and maybe even easily confused for the Expendables late addition.


Who would you cast in a sci-fi equivalent of The Expendables?

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