Who won't get Stooged? Plus a Wild new trailer and fighting over Kick-Ass

Who won't get Stooged? Plus a Wild new trailer and fighting over Kick-Ass

Aug 12, 2009


    Two Down, One to Go Maybe the 50-lb. weight gain was too much for Jim Carrey, since he’s just done the Curly Shuffle right out of the Farrelly brothers project. This follows Sean Penn’s stage-left exit a few months ago (citing “personal reasons” -- as in “personally I think the script sucks”?). How long before Benicio del Toro comes to his senses?

    …Is Where I Want to Be Bringing this children’s fantasy to the big screen with Spike Jonze at the helm initially sounded like trouble. Until this trailer.

    Stephen King reportedly sold the rights to his time-traveling cowboy-fantasy series for $19 (!) to the “Lost” guys, J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, after turning down longtime collaborator Frank Darabont. It’s a massive undertaking that could be brilliant, or suck as bad as the 7-book series’ last two pages.
  • An American Werewolf in London


    Humorless Horror Jackie Earle Haley says his version of Freddy Krueger will still wear his trademark striped sweater, fedora and bladed glove, but won’t be as “jokey.” Because really, there’s nothing amusing about a guy who turns a victim into a roach before squashing her and sucks the air out of an asthmatic to leave her like a deflated balloon.

    “SNL” spinoff movies get even worse press than John & Kate, but this one unbelievably is getting some cautious support, thanks to “SNL”-er Bill Hader’s interview saying it will be a hard-R comedy action movie along the lines of Pineapple Express. If I think reeealll hard I can come up with a couple of “SNL” comedies that were actually funny, so count me—hesitantly—in.

    Studio Showdown After most studios balked at this project’s gore, vulgarity and potty-mouthed prepubescent heroine Hit Girl, director Matthew Vaughn raised $30 million to make it himself. Since some clips debuted to standing ovation at Comic-Con recently, now guess who’s fighting to bring it to the public? Lionsgate, Paramount and Universal. Let’s see those execs duke it out for real.

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