Who Wants to Star in Bridesmaids, Like, Right Now?

Who Wants to Star in Bridesmaids, Like, Right Now?

May 12, 2011

When I was a little boy, I wanted to be all sorts of things when I grew up -- like the Incredible Hulk, a cop, a lawyer, an astronaut, or some dude who tests video games for a living but doesn't need to know a lot of technical stuff because then it's no fun to have that job. But the one thing I never thought I'd ever become was a bridesmaid because, for starters, I'm a dude.

So while I've been in a few wedding parties, up until this point in my life I've remained on the dude side of those wedding parties. That is, until now. Bridesmaids opens this weekend (it's hilarious by the way; go see it), and in order to promote the film they came up with a fun way to add your picture to a character in the film's trailer. Holy office cubicle time-waster! (Right now you're thinking it's lame until 15 minutes later and you're cropping images off Facebook, so shut it!)

Anyway, our friends over at Universal decided to stick me in one of the test trailers alongside other online movie nerds like Devin Faraci, Drew McWeeney, James Rocchi and Harry Knowles. And if we're not the ugliest set of bridesmaids you've ever seen, then I'd hate to see the weddings you're invited to.

Watch the uglied-up trailer right here and enjoy.

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