Who Wants To Go for a Car Ride with Morgan Freeman? Here's How

Who Wants To Go for a Car Ride with Morgan Freeman? Here's How

Feb 22, 2016

There may not be a more soothing voice in Hollywood than that of Morgan Freeman -- and now you can use that voice to guide you to important destinations, avoiding traffic along the way. 

The navigational app Waze has partnered with Morgan Freeman for a limited time as part of a promo for London Has Fallen (in theaters March 4), with Freeman's voice available as an option beginning today, February 22.

But there's more!

Freeman won't be, well, Morgan Freeman -- he'll be doling out driving directions as his character from London Has Fallen, Vice President Trumbull, and he'll be speaking to you, the driver, as if you were the President of the United States. 

So if you ever wanted to have Morgan Freeman's voice guide you through a complicated jughandle while addressing you as the President, go hook yourself up now. Freeman's voice will only be available for a limited time. We trust it's just as awesome as this fan-made creation.

Here are the instructions to get started. Good luck!

Download the free Waze app for iOS or Android to access the voice at www.waze.com/get. To access the voice within Waze, go to Settings > Sound > Voice Language > Morgan Freeman.

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