Who Should Play Young Han Solo? -- The Internerds Respond

Who Should Play Young Han Solo? -- The Internerds Respond

Feb 06, 2013

Until today, discussing casting possibilities for new Star Wars movies wasn't on our minds. Episodes VIIVIII and IX will possibly feature some of the original trilogy's cast and otherwise new, young characters. And some of the rumored or speculated spin-offs have involved familiar characters who are either CGI (Yoda) or completely covered (Boba Fett). Then we got word that there'll be a one-off prequel depicting the early years of Han Solo. So... it's time to play the game of who should step into Harrison Ford's shoes.

First of all, let's get it out of the way that the right actor has to be younger than Ford was in A New Hope. That means younger than 34, but let's preferably name guys in the late 20s range. Second of all, let's dismiss the description of Solo in EW's scoop on this news, which calls him a "wisecracking smuggler." We don't need some comical kid spouting one-liners. When was that Solo's thing? What was his thing, in most of the first episode and surely beforehand, is a self-centered a-hole, a bad-boy mercenary. Also, he's no shorty.

I tend to believe the young Solo should look somewhat like Ford. Corey Carrier, who played the very young Indiana Jones in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, fits that bill, but he doesn't seem to have done any acting since the 1990s. Working semi-lookalikes include TV actors Hunter Parrish (Weeds), Matt Lauria (Friday Night Lights) and Matt Davis (The Vampire Diaries), the last of whom is unfortunately really pushing it age-wise. But just look at him here almost in a Solo costume.

We could also just see Indy Jr., Shia LaBeouf. That's the frontrunner (at the time of this writing) in a poll at Movie Fanatic.

As for his old friend, Lando Calrissian, who ought to make an appearance, nobody is more perfect to play young Billy Dee Williams than Michael B. Jordan, and it's not a big deal that he should be older than whoever plays Solo. 




Who should play young Han Solo? 

Here are some suggstions made so far on Twitter and around the Web:


Liam Hemsworth, Xavier Samuels, Kit Harrington and Andrew Garfield - Max Evry, NextMovie

Garrett Hedlund, Alex Pettyfer and Sam Claflin - Katey Rich, Cinema Blend

Nicholas Hoult, Josh Hutcherson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Erlingur Gretar, Filmophilia

Channing Tatum - Vince Mancini, Film Drunk



















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