Who Else Hates “Oscar Buzz”?

Who Else Hates “Oscar Buzz”?

Aug 20, 2009

I hate anything that has the word "buzz" associated with it. Who really cares about buzz? Should you care about buzz? Does buzz pay your mortgage? Will buzz get you laid? Can buzz score enough pot to help you keep up that super secret suburban marijuana habit that the wife knows nothing about, but the kid kinda expects by now? If you answered yes to all those questions, then congrats – you’ve officially been corrupted by the Hollywood system.

A movie came out last weekend called District 9. It was a small-ish movie about aliens who crash land on earth and are forced to live in slums while an evil corporation tries to figure out how to use their galactic weaponry. It was a smart movie – one that provided the summer spectacle, but also carried a message and used its brains to actually tell a story, which is something a lot of films simply forgot to do this summer. Why? Because they had no brains in the first place!

The reason I mention District 9 is because, well, it caught a case of “Oscar Buzz” after – wait for it – some people gave it a round of applause following an Academy screening.  So, now, for the next several months, it will be included on a list of films that also have “Oscar Buzz” – some of which haven’t even come out yet and won’t for another three months. Here’s my question: Where did all this come from? At what point did we start caring so much about an annual Hollywood circle jerk awards show that people deemed it worthy enough to create entire websites dedicated solely to which films may or may not be nominated for an Academy Award?

Why are we so obsessed with being the best and nominating the best and voting for the best? When did film stop being an art form and start becoming something that either has buzz or doesn’t have buzz or has just enough buzz to be mentioned in a story about buzz even though it’s not the most buzz-worthy on the list of most buzzed-about films of the year? And yes, our world is so insane that that last sentence actually makes sense!

We should watch films, enjoy them and promote intelligent discussion afterward instead of immediately running to tell the so-called Oscar gurus of the world that a section of people clapped during a performance, immediately lending the movie enough “Oscar Buzz” to kill a horse or a small village full of people who’d be lucky to watch one film their entire lives. But, no, we live in a world full of loud mouths happy to spend all of their time sharing their wild guesses and “informed” opinions with a population that probably wouldn’t give two sh*ts about the Academy Awards if it somehow vanished into thin air tomorrow.

Why? Because the Academy Awards doesn’t pay their mortgage, or buy them dinner or give a crap about their day. It’s an awards show full of people who make way too much money handing out golden statues to the company with the best marketing strategy. That’s what it is, and that’s what it’s always going to be from now on. So here’s a note to all those smelly, pointy-nosed, easy-to-please, Oscar-obsessed morons of the world: Do us all a favor and stick your buzz-worthy, buzzed-about behinds in a place where the sun never shines.

Ya know, like Hollywood.

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