Who Cast Charlie Sheen as President? Is Depp’s ‘Thin Man’ Remake Over Before it Started?

Who Cast Charlie Sheen as President? Is Depp’s ‘Thin Man’ Remake Over Before it Started?

Jun 22, 2012

Charlie Sheen

Electoral College Fail: Director Robert Rodriguez announced that he has cast Charlie Sheen to play the President of the United States in Machete Kills, a sequel to Rodriguez’s action flick. Principal photography on the film began last week. Sheen joins the returning Danny Trejo and Jessica Alba, as well as Mel Gibson, Zoe Saldana, Amber Heard, and Sofia Vergara. [Twitter / THR]

Beyond the Moon: We already know that Transformers 4 will feature an all-new cast, redesigned robots, and will pass the franchise torch in some way to someone other than director Michael Bay. Now Bay has dropped a few more hints: It will not be a reboot, the budget will be $30 million lower than the third installment, and the story may include a departure from Earth: “I want to go a little off but I don’t want to go too sci-fi. I still want to keep it grounded.” [Los Angeles Times]

Rumor Patrol: Has The Thin Man remake with Johnny Depp been placed on the back burner? Rumor has it that director Rob Marshall is returning to work on the musical Into the Woods as his next effort. Also, Depp reportedly wants more time between projects, and a proposed budget of more than $100 million has cooled the enthusiasm of Warner Bros., where the film has not yet been given the green light. [Deadline]

The Long Leak: Aliens secretly invade a suburban neighborhood, and it’s up to four ordinary dads to save the world in next month’s comedy The Watch. In the new clip below, Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, and Richard Ayoade are trapped in a car while Vince Vaughn deals with a, er, pressing need. [Yahoo! Movies]

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