Which Other Justice League Characters Must Show Up in the 'Batman vs. Superman' Movie?

Which Other Justice League Characters Must Show Up in the 'Batman vs. Superman' Movie?

Dec 04, 2013

We don't want the Man of Steel sequel to be too crowded, right? After all, it is first and foremost a follow-up to a solo Superman movie. But we are excited about Batman showing up, especially if it's Batman vs. Superman (whether that is the official title or just what everyone will continue to call it forever and ever). And now we can be even more excited about Wonder Woman finally appearing in a live-action theatrical release, with a confirmed report that former Miss Israel Gal Gadot will play the superheroine.

But can we squeeze in one more? As long as this is going to be a buildup to something actually called Justice League, why not get a few introductions out of the way in what's already feeling like a transitional narrative? Let's consider a few of the more likely candidates:

Green Lantern: He's already had his shot at a movie and flopped, so we might not want such a quick reboot of the character on the big screen, even in a cameo. Then again, the fact that he flopped might be good reason not to just let him show up in the midst of a group in Justice League. Maybe tease the hero here but as a totally reinvented incarnation, like Alan Scott or John Stewart.

The Flash: Like Wonder Woman, this guy has long been promised a movie all his own. That might not happen for a bit, given how things are moving, but why not allow him as much screen time as possible by tossing Barry Allen, suited or not, into the mix of Man of Steel 2? How about if we just see some blurring motion around a Metropolis clean up site as he mysteriously helps out with the Zod fallout?

Aquaman: My choice (and Managing Editor Erik Davis's, too). He's got some hurdles to get over as a character, such as the Entourage connection and the fact that many see a water-based superhero as silly. But it'd be great to see him as the older, bearded, weathered hero. Does he still have that harpoon hand? I want that version.

Martian Manhunter: He's from another planet, which would be an interesting parallel with Superman, especially if this movie is based around the Lex Luthor ploy of turning the public against Superman because he's an alien who messed up Metropolis. Actually, this might be a good reason for there not being the confusing element of another alien.

Cyborg: The reference to S.T.A.R. Labs in Man of Steel was meant as a reference to the character. And he's just a cool-looking character. I don't know much about him other than that. 

There are a number of other DC characters associated with the Justice League I don't know much about, which means the mainstream audience probably doesn't either. But suggestions of those heroes are certainly welcome.


Which one additional Justice League character needs to appear in Batman vs. Superman?

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