Which Oscar Nominee Do You Most Want to Win This Year?

Which Oscar Nominee Do You Most Want to Win This Year?

Mar 01, 2014

There was a time when you could root for favorite movies to win Oscars without any inclination that they didn't stand a chance. Now there are all kinds of channels, whether on the Internet or in more traditional media, constantly reminding us what nominees have the best odds -- which actors are front-runners and which are long shots and which are hardly being discussed at all. These days we tend to know what will be nominated months in advance and we're aware of what is likely to win weeks ahead of the ceremony.

Whatever. Just because the experts are aplenty and have chimed in with certainty, just because there are a billion other awards leading up to the Academy Awards that spoil the surprise of what's favored in each and every category, that doesn't mean we can't still hope or at least dream even a day before the event. There may be no use wishing that somehow Inside Llewyn Davis wins Best Picture by landslide write-in campaign. But you can wish for Her to take that top award, even if it's very unlikely to do so.

Her might not even win Best Original Screenplay. There is some probability that it will, but it's far from a lock in its category. Especially with the clearly more loved movies, like American Hustle and Dallas Buyers Club, contending for the same Oscar. The Best Adapted Screenplay category is also rather open, still, but if there's a dark horse it could be Before Midnight, which barely fits in with the conventionality of the rest of the nominees, all of them based on books. That movie's fans are free to hold out for a miracle, though.

My one pick for this year's Oscar nominee that I'm rooting for the most in spite of its chances is Philomena in that Adapted Screenplay category. It's definitely not my pick for Best Picture, and I don't think it's Judi Dench's most deserving work for a Best Actress win, However, I find it to be the most interesting script in terms of its relation to its source material, as it's really an adaptation of an epilogue and more of a depiction of the author's preproduction work on the book rather than the contents of the book itself. Not to dismiss the merits of more faithful achievements of this category of screenwriting, but I like to see this kind of creativity celebrated.

After that, my next biggest wishes are for wins for Leonardo DiCaprio, Lupita Nyong'o, Cutie and the Boxer, Her for Original Screenplay and Bad Grandpa for Best Makeup. Because "Oscar winner Bad Grandpa" sounds awesome. 

Which one Oscar nominee are you most rooting for this Sunday?

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