Which Movie Needs a Toy Line but Never Got One?

Which Movie Needs a Toy Line but Never Got One?

Jan 30, 2013

It's actually difficult to name a movie deserving a toy line that doesn't actually have one. Of course, not all these toys were produced at the time of the movie's release. We live in a nostalgic era. We also live in a time when grown men and women not only collect more playthings than in the past but are also more and more accepted in doing so (unless they're outright hoarders). Whether it's Lego or McFarlane or some obscure collectibles company doing something licensed or not, chances are you can Google a film title plus the word 'toys' and find something for your display case.

Of course, as we learned last week, you won't easily come by Django Unchained toys, which have quickly been discontinued due to complaints. Maybe the action figure designs will be redone in 30 years, when a new generation is obsessed with the Tarantino film and political correctness is lessened. If we can now finally get Kenner's Alien action figures as developed in the late '70s but never released, you never know what we'll have in the future. Heck, we might even have Manderlay action figures, too. 

In a way, it's best to get a toy line based on a movie long after its release. Then we don't get spoiled by character figures and costumes that pertain to scenes and sequences well into the plot of the films. I can't remember far back enough, but I don't think there was a Han Solo in carbonite toy before Empire Strikes Back opened. But even if there were, we didn't have the Internet and a bazillion blogs that would post the thing. Today we do, so it's an issue that Iron Man 3 toys are apparently spoiler-y. 

Anyway, back to those films that need toy lines. It's actually fun to play a game where you come up with an idea and see if it already exists. I first failed by searching for Blade Runner. However, my next idea, Time Bandits, is perfectly applicable. And really ought to exist (a guy who made custom figures for Brazil, 12 Monkeys and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen had claimed to be working on Randall at least). Sure, you can go for something highly unlikely, such as My Dinner with Andre (I'm surprised they don't now actually exist thanks to the Waiting for Guffman gag -- and on top of that, I'm surprised there are no Waiting for Guffman action figures).

Other legitimate lines I want are The Thin Man, Grey Gardens, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The City of Lost Children and Buster Keaton -- as in a series of Keaton figures from different films. As far as I can tell, none of these already exist. Not even fan made. If they do, let me know so I can buy them.


Which movie would you like to see get a toy line? Here are some responses received so far via Twitter:















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