Which Modern Filmmaker Deserves a Complete Career-Spanning Blu-ray Box Set?

Which Modern Filmmaker Deserves a Complete Career-Spanning Blu-ray Box Set?

Sep 18, 2012

How many filmmakers besides Quentin Tarantino could really warrant a complete, career-spanning Blu-ray box set, like the one we posted yesterday? He seems to have the perfect amount of films made over the perfect length of time, whereas so many other revered directors of today might have too few works or have started so long ago that there'd be just too many discs involved. Also, some favorite filmmakers have one or two less respected efforts in their bunch that would be hard to justify inclusion other than to honor the whole oeuvre. 

Of course, the whole oeuvre isn't even exact, since QT's box not only lacks a few pieces from his past (if True Romance, why not Natural Born Killers?) but also obviously seems premature coming out right before the release of Django Unchained. It's kind of like when they put out a box set of a film series right before a new sequel -- which will make the next set -- hits theaters. Nevertheless, this QT box is like a lifetime achievement award for a still-living filmmaker, and that's how I'd imagine similar sets made celebrating other auteurs. 

Lionsgate is putting out this set, partially thanks to the home video deal they made with Miramax last year, and it would be cool if the distributor could branch off a sort of Criterion-like label for solely compiling and releasing filmmaker retrospective sets. Just because of the titles at their immediate disposal, I could see the next one being for Kevin Smith, though that's one of the examples where there'd be bad among the good. Ignoring which distributor has which rights, how about Wes Anderson? Paul Thomas Anderson? Paul W.S. Anderson? Eh, maybe not that one.

One suggestion I received from a reader is Werner Herzog, but he has a lot of films for a set like this. It might be neat, however, to see one box of just his narrative films and another box of just his documentaries. Speaking of docs, I'd love sets for consistently great directors like Joe Berlinger (including those with and without co-irector Bruce Sinofsky), Errol Morris and Rob Friedman (including those with and without codirector Jeff Friedman). As for non docs, I'd love a set for Tom Tykwer, especially to give to Cloud Atlas fans who are only really familiar with the Wachowskis' films.

Which other filmmakers should get a similar career-spanning box set? Here some responses received so far via Twitter:
















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