Which Major Movie Chain Refused to Screen 'Shame' Due to its NC-17 Rating?

Which Major Movie Chain Refused to Screen 'Shame' Due to its NC-17 Rating?

Dec 02, 2011


The third largest theater chain in the country, Cinemark, is refusing to screen Steve McQueen's NC-17 film, Shame. The movie's male nudity (thank you Michael Fassbender!) and sex addiction topic won the drama a scarlet rating, and Cinemark's not budging on their "longstanding policy" against showing NC-17 films. 

The film opens in limited release today, and is finding its footing in theaters across the country in the coming weeks. Fox Searchlight president Steve Gilula isn't worried about visible distribution. "Every major city in America will play Shame. I have no concerns. We've had no limitations getting the film where we wanted it." While this is great news, Cinemark is dropping the ball big time. One of the country's leading chains could have set a better example, helping to properly educate people about the rating. NC-17 isn't XXX porn. The industry needs more well-crafted adult dramas — cinema that is creative and challenging.
Cinemark's move further contributes to the anxiety that filmmakers and studios face when approaching these kinds of projects. Searchlight co-president Nancy Utley "We're not shying away from it being edgy and sexual, but it's executed at the highest possible degree. It takes place in the world of sex, but it's not about sex — it's about addiction." Cinemark must have missed the memo. Weigh in with your thoughts below. [via L.A. Times]

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