Which Golden Globe Nominees Are You Rooting for This Sunday?

Which Golden Globe Nominees Are You Rooting for This Sunday?

Jan 12, 2013

Are you aware that the Golden Globe Awards are happening this weekend? Maybe the Oscar nominations have diverted our attention a bit, but it doesn't seem like many people are aware. Or, maybe the world is finally ignoring the event? Is it because we're a misogynistic society and there's not only a woman nominated for Best Director but there are two women (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) hosting the ceremony? No, that's not it. But yeah, guys, the Golden Globes. We're watching them this year, even if there's no awkward appeal of wanting to hear Ricky Gervais insult the industry, right?

As we discussed yesterday, this year the Hollywood Foreign Press Association gave us some very interesting -- perhaps favorable -- nominees (see a list of those here). And those who do believe that Kathryn Bigelow indeed displayed the best directing talent of 2012, they're surely hoping to see her handed the Golden Globe trophy. That would really show the Academy. As would a win from any of the nominees who weren't recognized by the Oscars. But if it's just Steven Spielberg, then that's not as fun. Ang Lee might be an interesting surprise, but is anyone really rooting for him?

One thing I'd like to see is Moonrise Kingdom win in the Best Picture -- Comedy or Musical category, not because I think it was snubbed for the Oscar but because I simply think it's the best in the group (full disclosure, though: I haven't seen all five). Still one of the things that makes the Golden Globes somewhat appealing is its recognition of comedy, and so it's great to see stuff that's not token awards bait get the prize. For the same reason, I figure there are many of us hoping they honor Jack Black, especially since it's for a film that could use the extra attention.

Then again, part of me likes to see Oscar-nominated films and talent pick up Golden Globes in the Comedy or Musical categories, because it keeps the Oscar race more interesting. Let's say Argo wins Best Drama and Silver Linings Playbook wins Best Comedy or Musical. It'll be harder to predict the Academy's own single Best Picture. Of course, any Best Actress -- Drama win could be interesting considering only two of them are nominated for the respective Oscar. Obviously, we still only really watch the Golden Globes as a preshow to the Academy Awards.

But here are the film nominees I'm rooting for, regardless of whether I think they can win:
Django Unchained (Picture -- Drama), Moonrise Kingdom (Picture -- Comedy or Musical), Marion Cotillard (Actress -- Drama), Daniel Day-Lewis (Actor -- Drama), Jennifer Lawrence (Actress -- Musical or Comedy), Bill Murray (Actor -- Musical or Comedy), Wreck-It Ralph (Animated Feature), Amour (Foreign Language Film), Amy Adams (Supporting Actress), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Supporting Actor), Tony Kushner/Lincoln (Screenplay), Mychael Danna/Life of Pi (Original Score), "Skyfall" (Original Song). 



Which Golden Globe nominees are you rooting for this Sunday?

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