Which Film Franchise Do You Think Is Most Inevitable for a Reboot?

Which Film Franchise Do You Think Is Most Inevitable for a Reboot?

Jan 07, 2013

There are a lot of franchise reboots in the works -- or at least talked about in recent years -- including Police Academy, VacationThe Terminator, Fantastic Four, The Rocketeer, Tomb Raider, Van Helsing , The Mummy, Leprechaun and many, many others. Some will actually happen, while some are simply proposed ideas that continue to roll around in development hell. And there are some not even discussed or pitched yet (that we know of), that are very likely to be brought up in the next few years. The Batman franchise is one, though that's so inevitable it's not even really worth putting on the table. The same thing for James Bond, since after Daniel Craig's exit they'll at least find a new actor for the part if not also restart the character's story.

Not as certain but still quite logical is the rebooting of the comic book adaptation Blade. David S. Goyer, who wrote the scripts for the films for New Line -- Blade, Blade II and Blade: Trinity -- recently told Crave Online's Fred Topel, "Now that Marvel/Disney have recaptured the rights, I’m sure it will be [remade]. They made too much money on that character to not reboot him at some point.”

Obviously this isn't any sort of news or announcement, simply a statement of expectation. And it makes a lot of sense, as Goyer says. Last summer, in a list of "Reboot-Ready Franchises," our own Peter Martin agreed that it should happen, specifically with Idris Elba in the title role, but that it probably won't be as soon as Goyer seems to believe. "We’ll probably have to wait just as long to see a new Blade as Black Panther," Martin said regarding the film rights reverting to Marvel.

With the attention span dwindling with properties, most noted through the quick rebooting of Spider-Man (and the issue of there being no original heroes currently to last in a series over the next few decades), the next five years may be like a century for Hollywood. But characters adapted directly and faithfully from literary stories, like Harry Potter and the Twilight kids, aren't as likely as you might think. No more inevitable than the next Bond actor will be in a redo of a specific book, such as Casino Royale.

More plausible are properties that can go on with a new star without repeating itself, the way Jack Ryan and Star Trek are doing. In that regard, I could see new stories with a new actor rebooted as Indiana Jones (done well, you know you'd enjoy more Nazi-era adventures with, say, Tom Hardy), Men in Black and recent failures like Alex Cross and Jack Reacher. Also, at some point, preferably soon, we really need to see a good League of Extraordinary Heroes reboot.



Which film franchise is most likely to get a reboot in the next five years?

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